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Pope John Paul II will be beatified

This morning the Holy See announced that Pope John Paul II will
be beatified (become “Blessed”) in a ceremony conducted by Pope
Benedict XVI on 1 May 2011
(Divine Mercy Sunday, aka 2nd Sunday of Easter).

Are we loosing it in the USA too?

I left Romania few years back for NOT having FREEDOM of SPEECH among others; Are we loosing it in the USA too?

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Poetry Where You Live
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The Catholic Forum is a group of Catholic men and women who have come together in a spirit of charity for the purpose of establishing a lay apostolate that will serve and amalgamate the efforts of evangelisation of various other lay movements and apostolates from around the world!

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Catholic Mothers Online

A community of Catholic bloggers who are mothers – whether that be in the present, in your plans in the future, through being a godmother, or those who are mothers at heart.

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Heart of a Mother
currently… meditations on the upcoming Sunday Gospel readings from the perspective of a Catholic mom to be used by Catholic moms for personal meditation or group discussion

Extraordinary Moms Network
For women facing real challenges in family life: adoptive and foster mothers,moms of special needs children, single and military moms, and women in difficult marriages. Written from a pro-life, Catholic perspective, all are welcome.

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Catholic Dads

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