Not much to tell about us, just how we started this web site and how much we are going to enjoy it.

Back in 2002 I bought the name of miamicatholic.org, I set up a temporary page and thereafter I procrastinated for 2 years. In the meantime I came up with the idea of Catholics are us and I bought that name too; CatholicsR.us.
My mistake was not to purchase miamicatholic.com nor catholicsrus.com, since people tent to remember the .com extension more.
I did nothing about the sites, I just let them sit, I could have added a forum or so. This way my ratings did not grow, and search engines do not find the sites
I did not ask for help, or at least for some input of what would people like to see or what kind of services I should add.

This is how I wanted to set it up: For Catholics by Catholics (forcatholicsbycatholics.org ) to be the Mother Site. There you will find two sections, the “for Catholics “section a database full of information about anything and everything Catholic that I can find and the “by Catholics” section the input of articles, comments, writings shared from this By Catholics Blog.

By Catholics.com aims to providing a large number of professional services in the following fields of activity: web hosting, domain registration and quality customer support.

CatholicsR.us is changed to a Catholic Dating site.

Miami Catholic is up and running, and hope to learn from that one how to finish the mother site, soon very soon I promise.

What else we offer besides the content of the sites itself.
Free help and support for any Catholic Church, School or Organization that needs a website.

We have the best prices in Domain Names and offer unmatched Hosting plans we even offer free domain names if you purchase certain Hosting plans from us.

We have email servicesbetter then the big ones from Yahoo or Hotmail.

We have Software, eCommerce and Shopping carts, website builders, templates, search engine optimizations and most of the goodies that you need to create web pages or even graphics and we are as competitive as any.
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